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Whenever people drink water, they absorb everything in it, which includes harmful pathogens and bacteria. Their drinking water may not be as potable as they think and it depends on their location and source of municipal water. They can test or test it themselves, with instructions and information for testing home water from the Environmental Protection Agency.

Given that tap water in their home is drinkable, its taste may not be as pleasant as they like it. For this reason, they may also want to drink bottled water, which is not only expensive, but also contributes to a large amount of plastic waste.

As a solution, they can install a water treatment system in their home. Following are some of the benefits of having filtered water.

Cleaner water gives a healthier body

Water treatment systems are capable of removing 2,100 types of lead, microorganisms, toxins, and much more chlorine from tap water. Such contaminants can cause harm to the body.

For example, a large amount of chlorine mixture can cause bladder, colon, and rectal cancer. Drinking water that is contaminated with lead can cause intellectual disability, influenza-like symptoms, and negative prenatal effects. In addition, filtered water removes the bacteria Cryptosporidium and Giardia, which cause gastrointestinal disease.

These harmful additions to their drinking water may not necessarily affect them as an adult. However, when they have children or young children, such contaminants can suppress their weakened immune system.

Although a home water treatment system removes contaminants from drinking water, it also leaves some traces of natural minerals that are healthy for the body.

Cooking with water that makes great food to taste tastes better

Most people find the taste of filtered water better than tap water. This is also true when it comes to individuals who like to cook.

Food prepared with tap water will taste like water. When using filtered water from a water treatment system, cooked food has fewer contaminants and at the same time tastes better.

It does not contribute to plastic waste as much as water bottles

In the US, people buy about 50 billion bottles of bottled water every year, but only 38 billion of these plastic bottles are recycled. Bottles that were not recycled cost $ 1 billion of plastic, which is like 17 million barrels of crude oil.

Most plastic wastes that are not recycled are found in landfills ad Pacific Ocean. For example, the world’s largest ocean waste site has floating plastics that are sufficient to cover Texas twice. Installing a water treatment system will allow people to fill reusable bottles instead of plastic bottles.

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